Andersen carefully designed, beautifully made electric car charge points.

Going electric is more than an ethical choice. Its a choice to embrace the future. A decision to bring your home, and your life up to date with pioneering and intelligent technology.

Andersen do not believe anyone who’s made that choice should be forced to compromise. With every product they make, they match smart technology with genuine craftsmanship. Each Andersen charge point is made to order in their UK factory using materials of the highest quality. The end result is a product built to deliver perfect performance year after year.

A product that lets you get on with life without interruption.

They invest in a simple philosophy to make charging your EV as great as driving one.

Andersen A2 comes in a variety of colours interchangeable fro the front panel cover and the body colour.

Feels familiar? The A2 in Cotswold Oak front with Stanton Green body on painted Breezeblock. Like your primary school in the 1970’s. Except it’s cool now.